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E-Commerce & Online Retailors

Emagework Solutions is your perfect choice for all your professional image editing needs. We offer you creative and competent service on affordable prices. Want to improve your online presence to increase the sales? Small tricks, such as isolating a product image or touching up irregularities, often lead to a significant increase in the quality of product presentation.

  • Lower your production costs with the help of our service, and free up space for your main business
  • Stand out from the crowd with an excellent visual sales presentation.
  • Increase your sales with an attractive and compelling offer.
  • Enhancement of your photos in large quantities - fast and affordable.
  • High cost savings in the processing of images for online and offline media.
  • Clipping service: ideal for isolating and editing product images. Color correction, photomontages, photo retouching, Image Manipulating , Photo Masking and much more.

You Shoot, we edit for you. As a photographer with high demands on the post-production of your photos, the Emagework Solutions is the ideal partner, so you can deliver high quality pictures in the shortest time possible. Emagework Solutions is your perfect choice for all your professional image editing needs.

  • Lower your production costs with the help of our service, and free up space for your main business.
  • High quality and inexpensive support in the editing of images.
  • Let us do the time-consuming post-production of the artwork and use your time more creatively.
  • Enhancement of your photos in large quantities - fast and affordable.
  • Fast and cost-effective enhancement of large image quantities.
  • Clipping-service, Photo retouching, colour masks and colour correction for your customers’ special needs, e.g. in the area of Real Estate photography.

Are you in Online or Print Media?
Take advantage of our offerings and you can be assured of fast and easy service so that you can use your time more efficiently. Emagework Solutions offers agencies in online media or print sectors competent support in the editing and enhancement of inserted imagery. Efficient support during urgent jobs and large amounts of images.

  • Continuous preparation of new product images for your content management of your customers in e-commerce.
  • Enhancement of artwork for the catalogue printing process.
  • Reformatting of images for online and offline media.
  • Image editing for the design of Marketing Materials.
  • Clipping service, Deep etch service, Background Removal service: ideal for isolating and editing product images.
  • Save capacity by outsourcing time-consuming image enhancement
  • High quality and low-priced image processing suited to the individual needs of your customers’ orders.

We service automotive industries in the removal of the background of used cars and used motorcycles for auction and online sites. Our designers are well experienced in the color correction of automotive interiors to bring out the best features of your product. Our edits are widely used in several auction websites around the world.

  • Correct color photos.
  • Reduce or remove glare or "sun flare" on shiny or metallic surfaces.
  • Minimize dust, dents or scratches to reveal the vehicle's true potential.
  • Remove unwanted reflections in glass or shiny surfaces
  • Intensify or enhance vehicle color.
  • Remove bumper stickers, fuzzy dice or other distracting features.
  • Remove or minimize unwanted elements in the background.

If you are in the real estate business, you will understand the need for high quality photos for your brochures, websites and sales material. Your photos will accelerate that purchase decision. Our expert retouchers will enhance and bring out the best of your property photographs. Our real estate retouch services cover a wide range of editing from color correcting the skyline, cleaning up unnecessary elements and also adding new elements into your photographs. Our retouchers are specialized in both indoor and outdoor photo retouching so your furniture or your building exterior look its best for your prospective buyers.

  • Image Enhancements – Improve the color, size, and quality of every image.
  • Photo Corrections – Repair blurs, take out unwanted objects, and more.
  • Sky Replacement – Turn your drab, boring sky into a bright blue sky.
  • 360° Virtual Tour – Create amazing 360 degree tours of a property with image stitching.
Graphic designers

It is said that a picture speaks louder than a thousand words; similarly, a well-designed logo, brochure, or website, can reflect a lot what your company or products stand for. Graphic designing is the art that creatively represents your marketing needs through innovative graphics. It’s in great demand for various advertising, communication, and print requirements. A good graphic design not only distinguishes you from your competition, but also effectively markets and repositions your brand, and strengthens your product/service offerings.

  • Cost competitive pricing resulting in affordably priced graphic designs
  • Provision of integrated graphic design services coordinated with web design and web development.
  • Use of the latest in graphic designing software including Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, etc.
Web Developers

High-volume photo editing services for online ecommerce/any Other websites . Background Removal, Color correction, retouching, Manipulating, masking, Vectors, Deep Etch & Clipping Path.

  • Background Removal: Our team performs clipping path on various product images where they perform manual clipping of product with pen tool to separate it from the background. Most e-commerce stores prefer to have transparent or white background to have consistency throughout the storefront.
  • Create Shadow Effect: Our team creates shadow effect as per the branding need of the e-commerce stores where we create natural shadow, drop shadow or reflection shadow for the products.
  • Color Balancing and Brightening: Our expert team changes the color tones of the image in a way that product images looks attractive and lively.
  • Website and Ad Illustration
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Publishers & Printers

Focus on continuously creating new stories / news / articles for your online news portals or magazines or other publications and leave your worries of doing the post-production work on your photos.

At IIP, we help to magazine / books / periodicals publication houses, catalogue publishers, online news portals and professional media photographers with our photo retouching services to reduce their overheads of managing photo retouching team for their continuous post production requirements.

  • Converting the image from RGB to CMYK for printing
  • Converting raster images to vector graphics
  • Performing clipping path for specific objects
  • Creating black / white effects on the picture
  • Adjust the underexposed and overexposed images
  • Remove unwanted objects / people / background
  • Resizing or scaling the images
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